For partners
Affiliate program

Any investment project needs continuous inflow of investments with exponential rising, and this is a trivial fact.

To ensure such an inflow of investments our Company has
developed a special partner program beneficial for both
participants of the process. Fix Club
receives new investments whereas our partners
receive additional dividends.

What is to be done

Let’s make it clear at the beginning – it is not a
mandatory way of cooperation. You may simply
enjoy dividends from your deposits.

Having registered at the website, you obtain an
opportunity to attract new investors. However, to
get a remuneration for bringing a new investor, you
need to use a special referral link, which will become
your unique identifier. This link will be available on your
personal account.

The amount of remuneration is
5% of the amount of investment made by your referral.

5% 10%
Partner program for regional representatives

This is one more option of cooperation but of a more profound character. In this case, you become an official partner with the franchise rights of Fix Club to present a detailed information about the Company’s activities and operating doctrine.

The amount of remuneration is 10% of the amount of investment made by your binary.

The first program is just a partnership for attraction of new investments whereas the second one is the compensation of a lack of labour force and broadening geography of the company’s employees.Given an international nature of activities, we often come across the problems with understanding a client’s mother language. You may help us understand our clients better representing us in the language the clients understand.

When it comes to partnership, it is very important to understand that we are not a multi-level marketing company. We have neither levels nor ranks. You get some fixed bonuses irrespectively of the number of investors you bring.

Our Company is eager to attract new partners-investors, however, we do not intend to open a hunting season on them.

Guarantee Template

If after trying out our [website/service] by following all [instructions/directions/advice] you are not completely satisfied we ask that you please let us know. We’ll do everything we can to correct the situation, and if we can’t, we’ll refund your money to show our appreciation for choosing to do business with us. in the refund condition you not can any profit. were some amount already you receive in ROI wallet. and will give due amount will be complete. you will receive only your 100% paid amount.